WWR Dropcloths up for Pre-Order!

    3A and Ashley Wood are one of those truly great companies that are really pushing the limits of what a “toy” can be. Each and every single piece they produce is hand-painted by master artisans, and all aspects of the toys are guided by Wood’s clear and concise vision. Because of this pain-staking attention to detail and the quest to have the highest quality around (certainly beating out the “big” designer toy makers by a long shot) , all of their figures are produced in extremely low numbers and they sell out quick.
    That being said, they’re also fun as hell and an amazing value. We have their latest retail releases, 5 awesome variations of their newest 1/6 scale (12 inch) WWR ‘bot Dropcloth up for pre-order in our shop, and if they’re like any other of the WWR releases they are sure to disappear into collections and never to be seen again!
Pre-Order here!


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