New 3A and Loyal Subjects Toys in the Store!

We’ve just added some awesome toys in our store from our friends at 3A and the Loyal Subjects.
First up, WWR Dropcloths from Ashley Wood! These amazing 12″ Dirty Bots have finally arrived and they exceed all expectations. These are seriously the best robots 3A has produced thus far, with excellent quality control, tight joints and perfect paint applications.

We’re offering two of the ‘bots as singles, the Deimos Liberator and the Panda Shocktrooper. We’re also offering a specially priced 5-pack featuring the Deimos Liberator, Panda Shocktrooper, and the lesser-packed Commando Uncle5, Slim Red, and Slaughterhouse.
Order Deimos Liberator Dropcloth here

Order Panda Shocktrooper Dropcloth here

Order WWR Dropcloth 5 pack here
We also have some new offerings from the Loyal Subject, including their largest figure to date, Joe Ledbetter’s Pico and Wilshire (pre-order, ships in October), JLed’s rascally duo Friday and Magnus, and Buff Monster’s newest toy, the Destroyer (ships soon)!
Pre-order Pico and Wilshire here

Order Magnus and Friday here

Pre-order the Destroyer here


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