TAG Anniversary Show Opens Tomorrow! + Exclusives Info

The Toy Art Gallery Anniversary Show opens tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 15th at 7pm. The work coming is top-notch and we can’t wait for everyone to see it! Here are the exclusive TAG-produced editions that will be available at the opening to make the wait a little easier:

Marty, Killer and Globby White Edition – Designed by Bwana Spoons and T9G, Sculpted by T9G

Alien Argus PK GID Edition – Designed by Mark Nagata, Painted by Paul Kaiju

Alien Argus PK B&W Edition – Designed by Mark Nagata, Painted by Paul Kaiju

Pollen Kaiser PK GID Edition – Designed, Sculpted, and Painted by Paul Kaiju

    ATTENTION: If you plan on purchasing exclusive items from the show (custom and limited edition toys) you must have a line ticket. Line tickets will be passed out starting at 12PM Noon on Saturday the 15th. Ticket numbers will be random, so no need to wait in line all morning! Just show up after 12PM to get your ticket and be back at the gallery by 6PM to ensure your proper place in line. Doors open at 7PM.


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