TAG 2013 Anniversary Show feat. Pollen Kaiser opens Sat. 9/14! + Lottery Info


The TAG 2013 Anniversary Show feat. Pollen Kaiser opens tomorrow night! The show features a ton of talented artists including:

Aeron Alfrey, Ardabus Rubber, Bert Gatchalian, Blobpus, Bob Conge/Plaseebo, Brent Nolasco, Brian Flynn, Buff Monster, Butcherbrand, Carson Catlin, Chauskoskis, D-lux, DrilOne, Eckotyper, Frank Kozik, Frenzy Bros., Germs, Grody Shogun, Guf from Tattoo Royal, Guumon, Hanawa, Hellopike, Hints & Spices (Shane Haddy), Ian Ziobrowski, John “Spanky” Stokes, Josh Herbolsheimer, Josh Mayhem, Kenth Toy Works, Leecifer, LiLJAPAN, Martin Ontiveros, Obscure, MechaVirus, Michael Nordstrom, Michael Pro, Mike Slobot, Monstrehero, Motorbot, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Nebulon 5, Oliver Hibert, Paul Kaiju, Rampage Toys, Savage Freaks, Scott Tolleson, Shirahama, Siccaluna, Skull Toys, Sunguts, Takahiro Komuro, Tim Clarke, Uky DayDreamer, valleyDweller, Vaporface, Yamomark, Velocitron, Zieromuko

As a special anniversary bonus, any buyer making a purchase after 7PM will be eligible to win awesome prizes, including production Pollen Kaisers and more! (limit one entry per person, 7-10PM only).

Lottery tickets (for purchasing show pieces) will be given out starting at 12 noon TODAY (Friday 9/13) until 6PM Saturday night (9/14). Please be back in line starting at 6PM on Saturday night to fill out purchase forms. No tickets will be given out after 6PM. If you don’t get a ticket you will be eligible to make purchases after all ticket-holders have made theirs. The gallery will be closed from 6PM to 7PM. Tickets will be drawn randomly starting at 7PM, and a purchase line will be formed based on these numbers. Please email us at with any questions.

Any unsold artwork will be online at on Monday, 9/16. An announcement will go out when they are live.

The TAG 2013 Anniversary Show feat. Pollen Kaiser opens Saturday, Sept. 14th and closes Oct. 13th, 2013

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