TAG x TIM CLARKE TOTIMS Angkor Wat Edition available Friday!


Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the TOTIMS Angkor Wat Edition from toy legend Tim Clarke! Once known as the King of Gross after co-creating Sectaurs (Coleco) and Boglins( Mattel) in the 1980s, Tim’s ongoing collaboration with TAG has produced a stunning painted rendition of the TOTIMS, inspired by the historic ruins of Angkor Wat.

“All Totim Kings try to expand their mental capabilities by standing tall on the mummified skulls of their Ancestors. Unfortunately there are just too many middlemen for the Kings to get any reliable information.”

Each TOTIMS set consists of a total of 4 interchangeable parts which can be rearranged into multiple configurations: one top, two sectionals 1 bottom, plus an extra top cap. Combined together the TOTIM towers at 12 inches tall, and each individual part has a 3 inch diameter base (individual heights vary). Each part is also double-sided, giving you even more options for arrangement.


Tim Clarke was on the latest episode of Toy Break to discuss his toy career, his TOTIMS universe, and much more! Make sure to check it out at, or at

The Ankor Wat TOTIMS feature a detailed paint rub over cool grey vinyl, with highlights picked out in black, gold and silver. It will be available as both a complete set for $110, as well as an option to build your own!

TOTIMS are produced by Toy Art Gallery, painted by Shirahama, and are made in Japan. The Ankor Wat Edition TOTIMS will be available on this Friday, April 18th at 12PM PST.


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