BRAIN HUE Jumping Brain Series by Emilio Garcia

Toy Art Gallery is very proud to present a special year-long collaboration with Emilio Garcia and Lapolab; the BRAIN HUE Jumping Brain Series by Emilio Garcia!

BRAIN HUE is 12 months of exclusive Jumping Brains painted in 12 colours. Each Jumping Brain is 2” and hand-painted in a pearlized high gloss finish by Emilio Garcia and Lapolabs.

To kick off the BRAIN HUE program properly, we’ve decided to offer three beautiful colors in March. On Monday March 14th at 12PM PST, the first three BRAIN HUE colors will be available on our online store at and at the Official Jumping Brain Store New BRAIN HUEs will be released on the first Monday of each month all the way through December, so make sure to complete your collection!

Toy Art Gallery is offering a subscription program where subscribers have priority on each BRAIN HUE release. Spots are limited, so email if you are interested.

Every BRAIN HUE Jumping Brain is signed and numbered by Emilio Garcia himself, limited to 20 pieces, and retails for $35.


Hapiko by Yosuke Ueno Bronze Statue, Coming Monday March 7th

Toy Art Gallery is very proud to present our first bronze sculpture; “Hapiko” by Yosuke Ueno.

Hapiko, as described by Yosuke, is a Lucky God, common in Japanese folklore since ancient times. She is a quintessential Yosuke Ueno character, a smooth, innocent figure, nose-less and without eyebrows. She is often featured in Yosuke’s paintings and represents the Happy Girl in Shenzhen. View more of Yosuke’s paintings, drawings and sculptures at

Born in Japan, Yosuke Ueno has been creating and drawing original characters since early childhood. He is a self-taught painter with his first solo show held in 1994 in Yamaguchi when he was sixteen. He also paints under the name Spaceegg77, and shows works in Asia, the U.S, and Europe while living in Tokyo.

Yosuke is known as a specialist of symbolism and innocence. Red, green, yellow, and blue often appear in his works. These colors represent the four bases of DNA: adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine, that is, A, T, G and C-molecular elements that all animate beings share. Yosuke
paints these colors and A, T, G and C with a message that all animate beings should have equal worth. The theme of Yosuke Ueno’s art is “Love, Space and Positive Energy.”

The Hapiko bronze statue was sculpted by Yosuke Ueno, stands 9 inches tall and is limited to an edition of 10. It will go on sale Monday, March 7th 2011 at, or email for availability.

Argus Show Customs Online NOW!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Alien Argus Custom Group Show last night! We had a blast catching up with old friends and meeting new faces. Thanks especially to Mark Nagata for making the trip down with his family and being as personable and generous as ever.

The show turned out amazingly well, with over 70 customs in house, our largest amount yet! We’ll have our photos up shortly, but for now you can check out some great coverage (with tons of pictures and video) over at Spankystokes and VinylPulse

We’ve also secretly launched our brand-new online store to coincide with the event, as some of you have already noticed. Be sure to check out the limited run handpainted Alien Argus (painted by Mark himself) as well as amazing array of customs from the show (at very reasonable prices):

Alien Argus Group Show Customs @ TAG Store

Thanks again to everyone who participated and came out, and we’ll do it again really soon!

Alien Argus Custom Group Show Sneak Peak and info!

On February 26th 2011, TAG, the world’s first and leading toy art gallery, will host Mark Nagata’s Alien Argus Custom Group Show! Alien Argus is the first collaboration between TAG and Max Toy Company and we’ve organized our biggest custom show to date to celebrate it’s release.

Alimana, Arbito, Art Denka, Baikin/Shirahama, Ben Mininberg, Bert Gatchalian, BlobPus, Bob Conge / PLASEEBO, Buff Monster, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez, Chauskoskis, Cieromuco/Abel Vasquez, Cliff Kirschner / MONSTREHERO, Cometdebris, Cris Rose, C-toys, Daniel Goffin, Dead Presidents, Dlux, DREAM ROCKET, Dr. Strange Toys, Dustin Cantrell, Emilio Garcia, Fig-lab / datadub, Goccodo, Hariken, Hints And Spices/Shane Haddy, Ilanena, Itokin-Park, Jan Calleja, Jeff McMillan, Jesse Moore/Rawshark Studios, Jon Knox, Kaiju Chronicle, Keith Fulmis, Kikkake, L’Amour Supreme, Lash, Leecifer, Mark Nagata, Matt Doughty / Onell Designs, Megan Smithyman, Mikie of Blamo Toys, Motorbot, Nakayoshi, Nebulon5, Onaka Takeshi, Osiris Orion, Paul Kaiju, Pico Pico, PPPudding, Rohby, RsinArt, Sean Blay / MONSTREHERO, Skinner, Skulltoys, Spooky Parade, Steve Talkowski, Sunguts, Tan-ki, Thiyea Project/ Takeshi Togo, Thiyea Project/ Mai Nagamoto, Toybot Studios, Triclops Studios, Troy Stith, TTToys, Tulip, Uamou, uhoh Toys, Velocitron, Yamazakura and Yamomark

Curated by Toy Art Gallery, Max Toy Company, and Fig-Lab.

The Alien Argus Custom Group Show opens on February 26th 2011 from 7-11 PM, with many artists in attendance. Show runs Feb. 26th – March 26th .

Alien Argus Custom Show Feb. 26th

Alien Argus available now!

The first U.S. edition of Alien Argus is up in the webstore now. Get him here!

Alien Argus 1st U.S. Release This Wednesday!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the first U.S. release of Alien Argus! Alien Argus was designed by Mark Nagata and sculpted by Masami Yamada (of Toygraph), stands 10” tall (“Standard” size), and is ready to invade your toy shelf with 10 points of articulation and two sets of interchangeable eye-stalks!

This is the first U.S. release of the Alien Argus. He’s made in Japan and features a black vinyl base with over 8 separate metallic sprays and multiple paint masks.

Alien Argus will be available at 11am PST on Wednesday, February 2nd 2011, right HERE at!

Also,watch for the giant Alien Argus Custom Group Show (70+ artists) opening February 26th 2011 at Toy Art Gallery.

The Alien Argus Story :

The battle rages on in city after city, as Alien Xam and his hordes make an all out assault against Team Maxx and our hero, Captain Maxx. Its in a rare quite moment that one Team Maxx patrol member by the name of Mark finds himself able to finally put his ray gun rifle down and enjoy dinner and video games. While playing the game Mark notices an odd ripple in his video screen as a man passes by. Looking up Mark sees this mysterious person duck into a nearby alley.

Always on the look out for Kaiju and Aliens, this Team Maxx member decides to forgo the rest of his food and follow this person. Ray gun rifle at the ready, Mark turns the corner to find the man discarding his over coat and hat, to reveal his true form underneath it .. that of Alien Argus !

Suddenly Argus turns and vaults towards Team Maxx member Mark. In one swift move, Mark quickly brings up and aims the ray gun rifle towards Argus. The blast just misses one of his three eye stalks ! Realizing he needs back up, Mark calls in for more members of Team Maxx.

Argus bounds into the busy street, and starts to shoot random citizens from his fingers his melting beams. Within minutes the rest of the Team Maxx members arrive with enough fire power to put down this pesky alien. Just as they ready to fire , Argus begins to grow bigger before their eyes. Alien Argus now stands as tall as the buildings and begins his destruction once again ! Team Maxx knows it can not defeat Alien Argus in his new form. Using a special device they send a signal out to Captain Maxx to come to their rescue once again. Will Captain Maxx make it in time?!