Red Carpet Kaiju Show opens next week!

Big show opening next week; RED CARPET KAIJU! Tons of amazing toys, customs, prints and paintings, all inspired by Japanese monsters! Here’s the all-star artist list: Akoart (Japan), Alimana (Mexico), Blobpus (Japan), Bob Conge/Plaseebo, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez (Venezuela), Emilio Garcia (Spain), Lil Japan, Ilanena (Japan), L’amour Supreme, LASH, Mark Nagata, Matt Walker, Paul Kaiju, Pico Pico (Japan), Toshikazu Nozaka (Japan), Tulip (Japan), Uamou (Japan), Velocitron (Japan), Yamazakura (Japan) and more.
We’ll also be premiering our new toy brand TAG TOYS with releases by Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez and Mark Nagata!
The show opens Saturday Sept. 4 at 7PM, so come on out and show your KAIJU love!
Stay tuned to our show page for more info and sign up for our newsletter to be on the preview list.


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