Gabriels Solo Show May 6th

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “New Toys for Melancholics”, a solo show by Pop Surrealist sculptor and philosopher GABRIELS. Polished hand-crafted bronze, life-like glass eyes, and scores of tiny internal intricate elements and organs are just the beginning as you delve into GABRIELS embryonic sculptures.

“Let it be clear: these are not sculptures, but toys and more precisely prototypes of Toys for Melancholics. They aspire to the industrial production on a large scale and to the indefinite propagation, in proportion to the planetary diffusion of the anguishastic-desperative Weltanschauung and of the consequent – very legitimate, although not absolutely incontrovertible – propensity to suicideness. In this sense, our Toys for Melancholics scrupulously respect all the standards of global melancholy quality in a petrified primeval landscape, addressing courageously to a public of adults, kiddies and lithopaedia.”
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We invite you to join us for the “New Toys for Melancholics” opening at 7pm on May 6th with Paolo Gabriels in attendance. Show runs until April 30th.


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