BLAMO TOYS 4th Annual Custom Show featuring HUG opens Sat. @ TAG!

Toy Art Gallery is very proud to present Blamo Toy’s 4th Annual Custom Show! Our good friends at Blamo have invited over 60 artists to lend their talents to Blamo’s newest titan of cute, the HUG! The show will be a HUG-stravaganza with the debut and release of all manner of HUGs, from the fuzzy Hug to the GIANT Hug to the brand-new Hug TEAK edition!

The Blamo Toys HUG Custom Show features the following artists:
Aleph Geddis (Blamo), Ardi Hermawan, Ayleen Gaspar (October Toys), Angry Woebots, Angie BabyVtec, Betso, Brent Nolasco, Brad Isdrab, Cliff Kirschner (Monstrehero), Chauskoskis, Cortlan Robertson (Blamo), Cody (Forgotten Saints), Chrystie Cappelli, Daniel Goffin, Dean Golez, Dave Correia, Dril One, Eric Frank (AFT), F+, Gary Ham, George Gaspar (October Toys), Fuller, Heather Hansen, Hints and Spices, Hugh Rose, Itokin Park, Jan Calleja, Jason Limon, Jay 222, Jan Hilmer, Johnathan Wayshack, Josh Mayhem, Joycelyn Marsh, Jryu, LASH, Leighton Kelly, Leecifer, Leslie Rainwatter, Lucien Shapiro, Luke Chueh, Marco Mejia, Monica Wallway, Mikie Graham (Blamo), Nathan Hamill, Noel Labelle, Ricardo Felix, Robert Bowen, Scott Tolleson, Sean Blay (Monstrehero), Scott Wilkowski, Spanky Stokes, Super Cooper, Shayne Maratea (Blamo), Spencer Hansen (Blamo), Triclops Studios, Task, Valley Dweller, We Kill You, Yosiell Lorenzo, and more!

From Blamo Toys:
This year we were able to invite over 60 artists, almost twice as many as previous years, and the quality and creativity of every piece stands out like never before. We are honored to be presenting this phenomenal lineup at TAG, the premier toy gallery in the nation. The combination of the artists, venue space and our beloved character, HUG, will definitely make this the most memorable show to date. There will be plenty o’ HUGS to go around! We hope to see you there.

Please join us, the Blamo Toys gang, and many of the featured artists on Saturday, December 15th from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

The Blamo Toys HUG Custom Group Show runs through December 30th.

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