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Blamo is:
     Spencer Hansen: Spencer’s otherworldly artistry brings elements of his imagination to life in a playful toy line called BLAMO. Spencer can usually be found designing and drawing and painting and sculpting and sewing and photographing and dancing. (He is an excellent clogger). Spence spends most of his time frolicking in the arts, but you can also find him crouching, creeping and crawling on things of all shapes and sizes. Spence likes to eat most everything. He can eat a lot. He has been accused of having a hollow leg. If you want to make him happy, cook him something yummy. Spence created the BLAMO family to accompany him on his meandering ways. Come along as he continues to create toys for all creatures, big and small.
     Komang Sujendra: Spencer befriended the talented Balinese born and raised, Komang Sujendra, at the Santana Gallery where Komang spends most of his days painting and carving. Komang learned his trades from his uncle and has been making art for over 10 years. The union of his inspirations, heritage and years of experience radiates through in his historic paintings of Balinese women and children and his carvings reflecting the intricate flora of the local land. Komang has been working with BLAMO for over a year and is responsible for carving many of the wooden creatures. Komang’s art has been commissioned from all over the world, and now will also travel wherever you choose to take your BLAMO family members.
     Mikie Graham: Mikie Graham’s love affair with toys stared at an early age. As a child he collected and played with the traditional 80’s mass market action figures, but as he grew older he began to realize the unique beauty that these “toys” possessed. In high school Mikie could be found skipping class to hang out in the aisles of ToysR’us waiting for the new shipment of figures to come bursting out of their cardboard coffins. In 2002 on an extended visit to Japan Mikie discovered the world of designer vinyl and art toys. Since then he has become an avid collector and customizer of unique 3d art figures …. As well as the mass produced action figures of his childhood.
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