Cris Rose

Cris Rose and friends

Photo by Owen Roseblade (

      Cris Rose is a London based artist and designer with a degree in Product Design BSc from Brunel University. His love of technology, antiquated curios and all things nature, have caused him to repeatedly produce retro styled robots with conservation on their mind and rust on their chests. It’s an affliction, he can’t help it.

      He knew what he wanted to do when he was 14. To design and make things that people could hold in their hands and enjoy. Didn’t matter what. We’re happy to report that at almost 28, he’s now doing this on a daily basis and feeling extremely satisfied because of it. Yet, he’s a man who’s never happy, who’s always looking to push himself harder and trying to outdo what he’s achieved before. He’s a man in competition with himself and no-one else. He looks forward to a future where robots pass him in the street, where everything he imagined for the future will seem terribly quaint and where he still won’t be happy. But he’ll still be having fun!

      If you do not find him in his studio building a robot with a camera for a head, you’ll find him with a camera in his hand. Probably in a field.

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