I have had a passion for art since I was a child in elementary school and I continue to find happiness and beauty in spending hours of a day painting and sketching. I have a natural desire to paint; I am a self-motivated painter. My mother believed in my artwork, and so have many friends and strangers that I have shown my work to. I know my mother, before she passed away, wanted me to become someone important during my life, and she remains my biggest motivation to continue my education in art and to expand my creativity and artistic talents.
      My artwork is truly spontaneous and unplanned. I trust my instincts and when I want to create something, the image appears. Because most of my work is unplanned, it is difficult to say when it is finished, so I go by feelings and instinct to guide me to a finished product. Since elements of my work include spontaneity and randomness, my finished product may be simple or insanely complicated. It is as if I do not think about what I am doing until I do it. My thought process and hand-to-paper process flow simultaneously. I use narrative imagery, graffiti art and found surfaces. I work in an audience-friendly style that allows the viewer to experience the piece.
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