Jay222’s passion is sculpting toys. He calls them toys because we are all kids at heart; somewhere along the journey of life, we forget this. The creatures Jay222 make look the way they do for a number of reasons. Sometimes, they are sculped as a reflection of our world and how we treat one another. Sometimes, its from watching a DVD of a comic who is no longer with us. Jay222 owes all of his artistic talent to hip hop. From his days of B-boying and DJing, hip hop taught him to have passion and to practice, practice, practice. All in all, he hope for his toys to show him the world one day.
   “At night when making them I try my best to clear my mind and let the toys make themself. I never do a pre-sketch, I begin to sculpt and see what emotion enters the clay. From that a creature is born, or maybe just becomes visible? Sometimes I think, what if these creatures are already here, and by me opening myself up, maybe I become a outlet for these creatures to become visible to human eye? Or maybe Ive lost it, haha..”
Jay222’s website: http://jay222toy.blogspot.com/