Martín Osuna

  Martin studied fine arts at the private institute Nueva Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación in Argentina, and currently studies at the National Institute of Arts (I.U.N.A. Instituto universitario nacional de las artes).
  Even though Martin has studied in Art institutes he considers himself a self-taught artist because of the outdated approach that most institutes in Argentina have regarding contemporary art and new techniques. He has worked as an assistant for the renowned artists Fabian Bercic and Nicanor Araoz, where he learned most of his knowledge of molds and resin techniques, along with his own experimentation.

 Martin is one of the founders of the art collective RAYO LAZER and the workshop/gallery that goes by the same name. Martin also participates in several group shows and art collectives simultaneously with Rayo Lazer, such as:

Pueblo Indomito (based in Pilar, Buenos Aires 2004-2007)

Corazones de bully (La Plata, Buenos Aires 2008 to date)

F.D.A.C.M.A. (Fundacion para la difusion del arte contemporaneo en el Mercosur y alrededores 2007 to date)
  Martin on his work: “In my childhood I used to play with action figures and collect them even without knowing its background stories or the comics or series where they came from, as the years passed by I continued collecting them and noticed that I obviously did not play with them anymore as I did as a child, and started thinking about it and investigating so I eventually came to the conclusion that I kept them as Idols or Saints of some kind of secular new pop religion (even though I understand that this idea is no surprise nowadays it was for me at the time) so I started sculpting my own “idols” searching for more personal or at least updated designs according to my new interests. Regarding the name I chose for this show there is a very simple explanation, I wanted to combine my interest for Japanese culture and the idea of secular idols, and as I always end up sculpting samurai robots or mecha inspired designs I decided to pay tribute to my favorite Japanese historical figure, Musashi Miyamoto. I particularly admire him because he was almost entirely a self taught martial artist and painter and writer too, so I feel close to him for being almost a self-taught artist myself, so in order to combine those ideas I came up with MUSASHINTO TECH, which would be some kind of fictional Technological Shintoist Samurai Religion that my characters practice.”
Select Shows:
2012 La Profecía – – San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
La campaña de los 1000 Dibujos – Arte BA – Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Provincia Marder – Trimarchi DG – Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

El Tigre Robot Dragón Gigante – Chez Vautier – Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Corazones de Bully – – San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Martin’s website:
Martin’s show with TAG: Netzwerk and Mushashinto Tech – New Works by Daniel Goffin and Martin Osuna