HUGE stock update in the TAGshop!

Check out the TAGshop (both online and in-store) for lots of great new recently added products including: a new TAG-exclusive MaxToy Mini set, T9G’s Kotaro (Gray), new stuff from Super7, Okedoki’s Benny the Dreamer, new blind boxes from KidRobot, sweet new toys from Bwana Spoons, tons of art books and toy magazines, and lots lots more!

And looking for that unique last-minute gift? Make sure to come by the store at 7571 Melrose Ave. and have Connell and Josh help you pick it out!

New Artist Series TAG-Exclusive T-Shirts available in-store now!

We’ve got some awesome TAG Original t-shirts available RIGHT NOW at 7571 Melrose store designed by some of our favorite artists and collaborators, including Arkiv, Cris Rose, Francesco de Molfetta, Blamo, Quim Tarrida, Radyo! and more. Perfect for that last-minute gift for your style-conscious loved one!

Brain QEE and Trouble Boy Now Available!

8″ Brain Pattern QEE and Trouble Boy #45 now available.

Collection Addition: Cris Rose

Amidst the activity in preparing for his first US gallery show (see previous post), Cris Rose managed to ship  this incredible assortment of beautiful toys to us! Cris is definitely one of the top customizers in the world. His work has a clear concept, top quality workmanship, and a respect for the original toy that sometimes is forgotten in custom work. His original resin designs are equally clever, with numerous embedded objects and artifacts that follow his omnipresent theme of environmental awareness and conservation.

Make sure you check out his work at Rivet, and keep checking back for some more cool Cris Rose news.

Updated Rotobox collection pictures

Just a few quick pics of our current Rotobox custom collection. New additions include the Real Robot Devastator (6 8″ Qees went into this guy!), and the Celsius-based custom Gatchaman/Gundam/Ninja Gaiden.