01/12/2013 -“TOY GIANTS” Lifesize Fiberglass Figure Showcase

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “TOY GIANTS”, a gallery showcase of our Lifesize Fiberglass Figure Series. We at TAG feel that the Lifesize Fiberglass Figures represent the next stage in art toy production as they offer the discerning toy collector a new way to make a bold and exciting statement of their collecting styles and preferences. The TAG Lifesize Figure Series also brings affordability to the historically inhibitive fiberglass sculpture market with a wide range of choices for various budgets.

With TOY GIANTS, we’re bringing together our entire line of Lifesize Fiberglass Figures and exhibiting them in one space. The juxtaposition of the gallery setting and an oversized toy collection makes you feel like a child again. Come experience the Lifesize Revolution for yourself!

TOY GIANTS features Lifesize Fiberglass figures designed by the following artists:
Blamo Toys
David Flores
Paul Kaiju
Nathan Hamill
Francesco de Molfetta
Quim Tarrida
Bob Dob

Please join us for the exhibit opening on Saturday, January 12th from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

TOY GIANTS runs through January 26th.