03/09/13 – Emilio Garcia and Tokyoplastic “ARThropod Brain”

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “ARThropod Brain” by Tokyoplastic and Emilio Garcia, new work inspired by electron microscope images, macro photography and the often mind boggling weirdness of the insect world.

ARThropod Brain is a synthesis between the design of Tokyoplastic and the central motif of Emilio Garcia’s work; the brain. The future and past collide with multicolored brain bugs in candy flip paint that hark back to the early days of collection and categorization of weird and wonderful bugs, brains and strange critters.

The ARThropod Brain show features specially-made 3D-printed framed and mounted “Arthropod Brain Bugs” in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as an assortment of 2D work. In addition, Emilio will be debuting his porcelain Skull Brain, produced by K.Olin Tribu, which will be offered for sale for the first time at the show.

Tokyoplastic have been at the forefront of commercial animation since they released the website of the same name in 2004. They produce vinyl collectibles and make strange on-line experiences.

Emilio Garcia
Emilio Garcia is an internationally renowned artist and designer and the father of the Jumping Brain.

Please join us for the exhibit opening on Saturday, March 9th from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

ARThropod Brain runs through March 23rd.

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