04/03/2013 – “CREATURE FEATURE” Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Elegab, Splurrt, Kenth Toy Works and Munktiki

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “CREATURE FEATURE” featuring the work of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Elegab, Splurrt, Kenth Toy Works and Munktiki! This show brings together some of the best and brightest of the neo-sofubi and Kaiju toy scene from around the globe. Bright colors, crazy textures, and gruesome details are rendered over soft vinyl, resin, and porcelain.

Splurrt’s sentiments best sum up the throughline of the show:
“I try to make toys cherished by both parts of the collector, the preservationist and the inner child. Item’s that channel the disgusting yet fun monstrosities of the toys loved in our youth yet are finished with so much care that they no longer seem meant for play, but for carefully admiring and keeping safe from receiving the smallest blemish.”

One of the main themes of the show is the artists’ combined love for traditional Japanese production techniques and popular monster (kaiju) culture.
Munktiki explains his influences:
“While I love Japanese vinyl and collect avidly I strive to put my efforts towards ceramic creations first. Main reason being its my medium of choice but secondly it feels right to me… Japanese inspired designs done in a historically famous japanese art form. My process of character design is usually always inspired by on older Japanese character. For example, Takoshi is my take on Kamen Rider. The Ape, Japanese King Kong. Character design also includes a story, I like to figure out how each new character fits into the same world. This Tokusatsu-like story almost seems real to me now and I get excited adding new additions, imagining their interactions as if I’m watching it all on TV.”

– Debut of new vinyl figures from Kenth Toy Works and Munktiki produced by Toy Art Gallery
– Debut of new self-produced vinyl figures from Splurrt (Evolved Beast Diggler) and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore (Berserker Ollie)
– A wide variety of custom toys and one-offs in all shapes and sizes

Please join us for the exhibit opening on Saturday, April 6th from 7-10pm at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046. Munktiki, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Kenth Toy Works will be in attendance.

CREATURE FEATURE runs through April 27th.

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About Toy Art Gallery:
Toy Art Gallery is the first gallery of its kind to showcase and consult on high-end art toys and sculptures. Our goal is to showcase exciting, original, and new artists who use figurative sculpture as their primary medium of expression. We also focus on showing, collecting, and producing high end, limited edition, custom, and life-size toy sculptures. Our showroom and gallery is located in Hollywood, California. Visit us online at www.toyartgallery.com

About Mutant Vinyl Hardcore:
MVH or Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is a toy company owned by the artist Rich Montanari Jr., or LASH, a short term for Last Dying Wish. Rich describes himself as an independent toy artist who is constantly perfecting his craft. He began his artistic journey into the toy world with his vinyl figures the “Sludge Demon” and “Ollie”, both of which were fully created and sculpted by Rich and cast in Japanese soft vinyl. Since then he has created the DX Sludge Demon line and Doji San. Creature Feature marks the first appearance of the Berserker head for the Ollie body. In addition to this he will be debuting the original sculpt for the new Toxigon figure.

About Munktiki:
Munktiki was born in ’77 into a household of Ceramists. Tinkered, played and learned how to use clay all through childhood. Out of Highschool and a failed band, he took up ceramics as a means to make small cash. His first project was called “Stoned Ware” and one might guess, made pipes for head shops. In 2000, in the decline of his Dad’s large scale ceramics boutique business they both started “Munktiki”. Unknowingly, it was the early years of a resurgence of the Tiki scene. They brought high end collectable tiki mugs to an almost non-existent tiki mug market place. They’ve had great success with Munktiki through the years selling world wide, featured in numerous group shows, magazines and film. Munktiki had his first solo show in 2004 in Tokyo entitled Munk-E house. His next show in 2008 was a long four years later at Super 7 but featured work he did earlier that year in Shigaraki Japan at a three month long Ceramics residency. This was the embark in a new direction, Japanese Toy inspired designs. Currently, Munktiki is juggling three main projects: Munktiki, his Yakimon personal art, and Beardo Games, an attempt at indie game gevelopment with a number in the works.

About Splurrt:
Joe Merril, or Splurrt, received a BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design in Advertising and Graphic Design. During school, he became interested in character design and discovered the world of designer toys. He gravitated towards figures coming out of Japan like Secret Base and “neo-henshin” figures. After diving into the world of Japanese vinyl, Splurrt became interested in making his own figures. He created the brand Splurrt in 2007 and began sculpting. With no formal sculptural or figure making training, he started on my first figure, the Executioner. It was a very long process, as he was learning along the way and didn’t have an effective working method in place. Splurrt released the Executioner as his first resin figure in 2008. He made a handful of other resin figures before releasing his first vinyl figure, the Cadaver Kid in summer 2011. Since then, Splurrt has released several other characters in vinyl, including Diggler, Mecha Brain Cadaver Kid, Usir, and the Evolved Beast Diggler.

About Kenth Toy Works:
Kenth Toy Works is founded by Japanese character designer and sculptor, Kenth. He has been creating original character design toys with his own concept, “Poisonous pop design” since 2011. Kenth always tries to infuse this esteemed concept of harmonizing, or combining, art and toy together in his characters. In 2012, Kenth launched his accessory toy series with a concept he calls “Carriable Figure.” Creature Feature marks the release of his debut soft vinyl toy “Nafsat Boy”. Kenth would like to keep producing more dope toys in the future.