05/11/2013 – Choco Moo Solo Exhibition

#14 Joke by Chocomoo

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Toy Art Gallery is proud to introduce Japanese illustrator Choco Moo in her first major
gallery showcase of artworks in the United States. Her solo exhibition in the gallery’s
project room coincides with Mark Ryden’s much anticipated YHWH Custom Group
Show in the main gallery, featuring original custom YHWH toy pieces by 30 international
artists and a special 6′ ft large scale box replica by Mark Ryden. Kyoto-based Choco
Moo is perhaps best known by American fashionistas for her signature black and white
tattoo tights created for Harajuku based brand Mam Avantgarde, which skyrocketed in
popularity in 2012. Since then, her designs have been worn by everyone from Japanese
celebrities like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, for which she created her first word tour goods, to
American pop stars like Kreayshawn and Nicki Minaj, to big names in Kpop like Girl’s
Generation. Her artwork has attacted the attention of world famous artists like KAWS to
major brands such as Disney and A Bathing Ape. Coming up next for Choco Moo is the
Joyrich x Choco Moo collaboration which launches worldwide in May 2013. Her artwork
will be offered for sale by Toy Art Gallery, with a free signed poster for every online and
instore purchase, from May 10th-16th, 2013 only at shop.toyartgallery.com.

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Sweet Streets is an artist management firm specializing in the representation of artists
of the kawaii movement. A Japanese concept often described as “cute”, our artists
define kawaii by one’s own feelings. Established in 2011, we aspire to the general
management of events and projects, and the production and promotion of artwork and
merchandise for our artists. With business based in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Sweet
Streets maintains relationships with international galleries and retailers to encourage
new trends in the art world. Originally founded to manage artists, Sweet Streets has
grown to organize collaborative projects with some of the industry’s top influential
brands spanning art, music, fashion, vinyl toys, and more. Our artists have participated
in such projects as in-store installations, animation and toy designs, to leasing their
artwork for music albums and celebrity fashion. By curating exhibitions for a growing list
of clients, we provide our artists with opportunities to work together while exploring the
relationship between American and Japanese cultures. www.sweetstreetsla.com