07/08/2011 – Sofubi Godfathers: Mark Nagata, Blobpus, Paul Kaiju, Bob Conge/Plaseebo, and LASH

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present a show of epic proportions: SOFUBI GODFATHERS, featuring Paul Kaiju, Mark Nagata, Blobpus, LASH, and Bob Conge/Plaseebo! Each of these artists are trailblazers in the Kaiju-influenced soft vinyl world, and we’re excited to have their signature creations all together under one roof

SOFUBI GODFATHERS features special one-of-a-kind hand-painted customs of LASH’s OLLIE and SLUDGE DEMON, Paul Kaiju’s SALAMANDER JOE and BOSS CARRION, Mark Nagata’s KAIJU EYEZON, Blobpus’ DOKUGON, and Bob Conge/Plaseebo’s various monster amalgamations, just to name a few.

These five are some of the most original and exciting artists in the Kaiju scene, so don’t miss out on seeing their work in person before it disappears! SOFUBI GODFATHERS opens on Friday, July 8th from 7-11 PM with an opening reception, and runs until July 29th.