08/24/2013 – “Music to My Ears” Super Cooper 14th Birthday Art Show

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Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Music to My Ears, a celebration of art and toys in honor of Super Cooper’s birthday! “Music to My Ears” is 14-year-old artist and curator Cooper Berella’s 5th art show. Cooper asked over 70 artists from around the world to consider music and how it affects their lives and their art.

“As an artist and curator myself, I love music because it helps me power my creative circle. In other words, it helps me think of ideas and controls my art. Music can soothe me through trance, or pump me up with dubstep. This can cause effect on my characters and ideas by giving me expression. The expression leads to many ideas that transfer into my art. I hope that this show, “Music to My Ears,” will take you through that same journey and through a trip of music wonderland.”

Music to My Ears features the following artists:
100% Soft, Adrienne Gates, Alice Koswara, Alyson Flescher, Anthony Ausgang, babyvtec, BeeFy, Bella Berella, Big C, Brian Castleforte, Butch Adams, Cameron Edison, Chikuwaemil, Chris Granillo, Christopher Bonnette, Dani Bowman, Dave Bondi, Dave MacDowell, Dave Pressler, Donna Letterese, doubleparlour, D-rock, EMMELLDA EOS, Eric Broers, Erica Wexler, Frank Schaefer, FrankenFactory, Germs, Gift Riley-Norman, Hints & Spices (Shane Haddy), J Salvador, J*Ryu, Jay222, Jermaine Rogers, Jorge Guitierrez, Josh Marlar, Josh Mayhem, Juan Muniz, Kenth Toy Works, Kevin Dickson, Kii Arens, Lap Ngo, Leesasaur, Lola, Marta Harris, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Hawkins, Mike Die, Mike Slobot, Mikie Graham, Misha, Munktiki, Mylene “I Got Sole” Tolentino, Naoto Hattori, Nathan Hamill, nati513, Obscure, Plasticgod, Podgypanda, Rampage Toys, Rick O’Brien, Shayne Maratea (Blamo Toys), Shelby Barrett-Whitmore, Spencer Hansen (Blamo Toys), Super Cooper Berella, Taskone, Them Dollz, Tim Clarke, UNCLE, Yoskay Yamamoto, Yuu Tihara, Zieromuko

“Music to My Ears” opens with a live DJ and refreshments on Saturday, August 24th from 7-10pm. Part of the proceeds will benefit CHAMPS (a high school that supports the arts) and Book Bridge (a charity that donates books and other necessities to impoverished children in the Philippines).

Please join us for the exhibit opening on Saturday, Aug. 24th, 2013 at Toy Art Gallery’s showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

Music to My Ears runs through Sept. 10th.

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About Toy Art Gallery:
Toy Art Gallery is the first gallery of its kind to showcase and consult on high-end art toys and sculptures. Our goal is to showcase exciting, original, and new artists who use figurative sculpture as their primary medium of expression. We also focus on showing, collecting, and producing high end, limited edition, custom, and life-size toy sculptures. Our showroom and gallery is located in Hollywood, California. Visit us online at www.toyartgallery.com

About Cooper Beralla:
Super Cooper Berella is a 14 year-old artist and curator of five art shows in California. He started curating shows since he was only 10 years old and has helped raise money for many charities and organizations like Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Army of Snipers, CHIME Inclusive Education, and GLIDE (Gays and Lesbians Initiating Dialog for Equality). He is also a Finalist in the Best Collection category in the Designer Toy Awards 2013. You can go to his website at www.supercooperberella.com