07/10/2010 – Rotobox Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show and Exhibit

Opening Pictures (photographs by Frank Shaeffer and Gino Joukar)

Toy Art Gallery is proud to host the first ever Rotobox Celsius custom show in the USA. We collaborated with Rotobox, Kuso Vinyl , and SpankyStokes to assemble an amazing array of international artists working on the Celsius platform. Opening Reception: July 10, 2010. The show is up until August 27, 2010 at Toy Art Gallery.
This show features the work of 60+ artists including:
Rotobox, Nakanari, Itokin Park, Lou Pimentel, Marine Ramdhani, Keith Poon, Tracy Tubera, Jure Garvin, Dave Quiles, Ryon Xavier Smith, Drilone, Leecifer, Betso, Pocket Wookie, Nemo, Chauskoskis, J*Ryu, Jay222, Rsinart, D-lux, Osirisorion, James Groman, Luke Chueh, KingQuan, Jenny Wolf, Babyvtec, Follow The White Rabbit, Nerviswr3k, David Flores, Taskone, Motorbot, Frank Mysterio, Brent Nolasco, Southerndrawl, Chris Ryniak, Brian Colin, Project Detonate, Breeanzz, Okedoki, Kat Brunnegraff, Amanda Louise Spayd, Nebulon5, Paul Kaiju, Grim Eheep, Reactor88, Tyler Coey, Ritzy Periwinkle, Kevin Gosselin, Dodgrr, Nico Deacosta, Jan Calleja, Chico Santos, and Piss.


SpankyStokes Celsius Re-Cap

Supahcute’s Celsius Show Re-cap

SpankyStokes Celsius Show Set-Up

ToysREvil’s Celsius Show Re-Cap

ToysREvil’s Celsius Show Preview
Babyvtec Celsius Show Flickr Set
Supahcute Celsius Show Flickr Set