WWRP Heavy Brambles + Adventure Kartel In Stock NOW!

The wait it over…the brand new World War Robot Portable Heavy Brambles by Ashley Wood and 3A are here! In stock and ready to ship, these amazing fully-articulated bots are available in six varieties: African Defence, Cydonia Defence, Deimos Defence, Gravedigger, JEA Marine, and the US-market exclusive NG Defence. Each bot is 7″ tall, expertly detailed, and only $65 each.

Get the WWRP Heavy Brambles HERE!

Also available for sale are the retail-exclusive Adventure Kartel 1/6 scale figures! This assortment includes a whopping eight different figures: Hoodzomb Black, Red, and White, the robots Johnson and Junglevet, and the AK universe heroes (or are they?) Tommyred, Shadow 2 and Penumbra. Figures are 12″ tall, $90 each, and fully-articulated with the trademark 3A-quality detail and excellent tailoring.

Get the Adventure Kartel figures HERE!

WWRp Armstrong by 3A now in stock!

New 3A and Loyal Subjects Toys in the Store!

We’ve just added some awesome toys in our store from our friends at 3A and the Loyal Subjects.
First up, WWR Dropcloths from Ashley Wood! These amazing 12″ Dirty Bots have finally arrived and they exceed all expectations. These are seriously the best robots 3A has produced thus far, with excellent quality control, tight joints and perfect paint applications.

We’re offering two of the ‘bots as singles, the Deimos Liberator and the Panda Shocktrooper. We’re also offering a specially priced 5-pack featuring the Deimos Liberator, Panda Shocktrooper, and the lesser-packed Commando Uncle5, Slim Red, and Slaughterhouse.
Order Deimos Liberator Dropcloth here

Order Panda Shocktrooper Dropcloth here

Order WWR Dropcloth 5 pack here
We also have some new offerings from the Loyal Subject, including their largest figure to date, Joe Ledbetter’s Pico and Wilshire (pre-order, ships in October), JLed’s rascally duo Friday and Magnus, and Buff Monster’s newest toy, the Destroyer (ships soon)!
Pre-order Pico and Wilshire here

Order Magnus and Friday here

Pre-order the Destroyer here

Ashley Wood Popbots up for Pre-order!

More awesome robot mayhem coming from 3A and Ashley Wood! Popbot and Badbot leap off the comic page with the usual incredible 3A articulation and detail. Popbot comes with a randomly colored Kitty (10 variants) and a pistol and Badbot is packing heat with two pistols. Or, just grab both in the Popbot Two-pack and save a little money! As with all Ashley Wood releases, these guys will fly off the shelf in no time, so better get in quick.
Available for Pre Order in the TAG STORE now!

WWRP BERTIE MK2s up in the store!

   We received our shipment of Ashley Woods / 3A WWRP Bertie MK2s and they’re up in the TAG Store now! Also of note, we’ve bundled up a few “6 packs” with a discount for those who want all six (and who want to save a little money).
   This is another awesome set of figures in the World War Robot (Portable) series, so if you missed out on the Bambaland 7 packs here’s a chance to catch up!

WWR N.O.M. Commanders in stock!

It’s no secret that we here at TAG are mad about Ashley Wood figures, with their excellent design and execution with looks jumping straight out of his paintings. We’ve managed to secure a very limited quantity of the 12″ N.O.M. Commanders Thrice Naut and Post Fire two pack (actually portraits of Ashley Wood and 3A partner Kim!) and we’ve put them up in the store. As you may know, once a 3A edition is gone, it’s pretty much gone for good, so grab these at retail when you can!

Get them here!

WWR Dropcloths up for Pre-Order!

    3A and Ashley Wood are one of those truly great companies that are really pushing the limits of what a “toy” can be. Each and every single piece they produce is hand-painted by master artisans, and all aspects of the toys are guided by Wood’s clear and concise vision. Because of this pain-staking attention to detail and the quest to have the highest quality around (certainly beating out the “big” designer toy makers by a long shot) , all of their figures are produced in extremely low numbers and they sell out quick.
    That being said, they’re also fun as hell and an amazing value. We have their latest retail releases, 5 awesome variations of their newest 1/6 scale (12 inch) WWR ‘bot Dropcloth up for pre-order in our shop, and if they’re like any other of the WWR releases they are sure to disappear into collections and never to be seen again!
Pre-Order here!