WHAM BLAM BLAMO Preview now available!

We’re very excited for tomorrow night’s opening of “WHAM BLAM BLAMO”, our second show with Blamo Toys!
There are tons of amazing hand-crafted sculpture and toys that need to be seen in person, so if you’re in the area of 7571 Melrose Ave. make sure to come on by and say HI to the Blamo crew! Opening starts at 7 PM and runs til 11.

If you just can’t wait, the preview for “WHAM BLAM BLAMO” is now online. Check it out here:


Artwork from “WHAM BLAM BLAMO” will go for sale on our website starting Saturday, Jan. 7th at 12 noon PST.

Click HERE to make a purchase!

WHAM BLAM BLAMO Sneak Peek: Panda Fuzzy Bare!

Blamo Toys’ Mikie Graham has put together a TAG-exclusive edition of the Fuzzie the Bare resin character for WHAM BLAM BLAMO, opening this Saturday! Fuzzie makes his second appearance as a wave of “Panda Bear Fuzzies. Standing at 5” tall this green-eyed trickster is limited to 6 and will be available for sale starting January 7th only at Toy Art Gallery.

“WHAM BLAM BLAMO” by Blamo Toys opens this Saturday at Toy Art Gallery!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “WHAM BLAM BLAMO” by Blamo Toys. It’s always a cause to celebrate whenever these toy art pioneers hold a show, and this one is no exception! Blamo’s hand-carved sculptures combine mercurial qualities with precision-detail and sophisticated concepts. Their fusion of natural and found objects, cloth, fur, imagination, and exceptional craftsmanship coalesce into wonderfully unique pieces of toy art.

Jam-packed with special sneak peaks of new toys, exclusive colorways and editions, hand-carved one-of-a-kind over-sized pieces, original artwork, special Blamo clothing, jewelry, and much more, this show is not to be missed. “WHAM BLAM BLAMO” is the exciting follow-up to TAG’s Blamo Solo Show from 2010, and if history repeats itself, these works won’t last long!

“WHAM BLAM BLAMO” opens Satuday, Jan. 7th, 2012 and runs through Jan. 28th. There will be an opening reception from 7-11 PM on Jan. 7th at Toy Art Gallery’s new showroom located at 7571 Melrose Ave. Hollywood CA 90046.

See the Show Page here

All Blamo Toys work in the store!

All work from Blamo Toys’ Solo Show is now up in the shop! Check out the cool original drawings used for their silkscreened boxes and the highly affordable and attractive jewelry, as well as some very reasonably priced tee’s and hankys emblazoned with Blamo’s infamous characters. Don’t forget the toys either!
Blamo Toys in the Store!

Blamo Toys Solo Exhibition Toys up!

Leftover toys and sculptures from Friday’s Blamo Toys opening up in the store! Lots of good stuff sold, lot’s of good stuff left! Jewelry, art, and apparel will be up tomorrow, along with pics of the opening. Thanks again to everyone who came out for the show!
Blamo Toys in the Store!

Blamo Toys solo show Preview is now up!

Check out the preview for Blamo Toys solo show opening Friday night! Ton’s of original sculptures, custom and production toys, original drawings and paintings, shirts, jewelry and more. Check out the show preview page for the full preview and ordering instructions.

BIG Billy (dark)Monkey Finger PuppetRice Baby Tie dye (dark)Fluster TeeMicha drawing

BIG Ricebaby for Blamo Toy’s Solo this Friday!

A couple more shots of the BIG leather Ricebaby by Blamo Toys. This little beauty is almost 4 feet tall! Come see it in person this Friday at the Blamo Toys Solo Exhibition, opening reception at 7 pm.