Daniel Goffin Netzwerk Drawings up for sale

Daniel Goffin brought out all the stops for his Netzwerk show here at the Toy Art Gallery. In addition to the amazing hand-made resin toys, Daniel brought over 20 original pen and ink drawings depicting his Netzwerk story. Some of these drawings were used as art for the various packaging he created, but many were left on the cutting room floor until now. This is your chance to grab a sure-to-be-classic piece of toy art history! Order works HERE and take a look at the gallery below.

Awesome interview with Daniel Goffin!

photo by Frank Shaeffer

Jeremy Brautman of Neon Monster has posted a very awesome interview with Daniel Goffin over at the Neon Monster Blog. It’s quite in-depth and goes into Daniel’s process, inspiration and thoughts on the modern toy scene. Check it out HERE, and make sure to check out Daniel’s work from the Netzwerk and Mushashinto Tech show HERE.

Netzwerk and Mushashinto Tech Show Opening Pics!

photo copyright Vinylpulse

We had a really fantastic opening for Netzwerk and Mushashinto Tech this past Friday night. Thank you so much to everyone who made it out! This was our very first show opening ever and the night went off great! A huge thank you to Daniel and Martin for their extreme dedication to their craft, it really shows.
While we were busy chatting up gallery goers and toy fans, Jack from Vinylpulse happened to take an awesome set of pics of the show. Check them out HERE!
Also, check out our preview list here: NETZWERK AND MUSHASHINTO TECH PREVIEW. We’ll have more pictures and a cart system set up later this week, so for now if you’re interested in something just send an email to

Vinylpulse Sneak Preview of NETZWERK and MUSASHINTO TECH!

Jack from Vinylpulse stopped by the gallery yesterday to get a sneak peak of our show opening Friday, May 28. He managed to snap a few pics when we weren’t looking, so go check them out here:

Netzwerk and Musashinto Tech – Opening May 29 at Toy Art Gallery!

Netzwerk and Musashinto Tech

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m very happy to announce our very first exhibition: Netzwerk and Musashinto Tech – New Works by Daniel Goffin and Martin Osuna! Daniel and Martin are easily some of the finest figural artists working today and we are proud to host them for their first U.S. show. Their work captures everything that’s exciting about this new world of Toy Art: exceptional craftsmanship and design with a dash of pop-art and loads of personality. Each and every piece that I’ve seen so far has blown my mind and I’m excited beyond belief to actually see these in person!

Opening reception is May 29 2010 at our Hollywood gallery (click here for directions) and the show runs until June 12. If you’d like to get on the preview list email

Below is just a sampling of what’s to come…

Netzwerk and Musashinto Tech – New Works by Daniel Goffin and Martin Osuna Show Page
Netzwerk and Musashinto Tech Press Release