Metallic Machinations Preview: Jester

Huge scratchbuilt rockets by JESTER for the Metallic Machinations show! More pics on Jesters website:

Jouwe Custom Group Show Wrap-up

We had an great opening this past Saturday night for the Jouwe Custom Group Show. Thank you to everyone who came out, and special thanks to all the artists for contributing some truly awesome pieces!
Here are some recaps from around the web:

Vinylpulse Wrap-up

SpankyStokes Wrap-up

SupahCute Wrap-up Show Opening on Flickr

There are still plenty of beautiful pieces left, so make sure to check out the Preview List

Jouwe Custom Group Show Preview up!

Our Jouwe Custom Group Show preview is now online! Go to the preview page to check out all the great pieces we have in the show and follow the instructions to order. Any remainder will be in the store next week.

Jouwe Custom Show Preview

Jouwe Show this Saturday, more Previews

The Jouwe Custom Group Show opens this Saturday, Oct. 2nd 2010 with a reception from 7-11PM. If you can’t make it to the show, we’ll have a live webcast going over at! The Preview list will go out to all our newsletter subscribers tomorrow, so if you’re interested in getting dibs on any of the customs make sure you’re signed up!

Steve Talkowski – UltraJouwe

Ritzy Periwinkle – checking out the fella with the high top fade

Leecifer – Calico Spiderman

Jeff McMillan – Switcharoo

Emilio Garcia – Jouwe Jungle

Saturday Jouwe Round-up

Some more Jouwes for a fresh Saturday morning!

Recycle Experience

Dylan Sisson – A Chip off the Block

Downtimer – Alienocerous

Cameron Tiede – Fractured Pop

Jason D’Aquino – Lucku Luigi


Here’s another batch of fresh Jouwes! As the pictures and pieces keep rolling in, we keep getting more and more excited for the opening on October 2nd! Enjoy:

Mike Slobot – Space Ace 7

Lysol – untitled

Kevin Gosselin – Baby Jouwe

Kat Brunnegraff – Star Dust Night Walker

Shayne and Spencer of Blamo Toys – Waneta and Duncan

Megan Smithyman – Hathor

Even more Jouwes!

The Jouwes keep pouring in. Here’s another sampling of the amazing work that’ll be at the opening on October 2nd!

J*Ryu – Ci Si Gioca Nella Sua Ombra or “In her Shadow We Play”
See the whole Flickr set here!

Troy Stith – Mafic

Babyvtec – Joey the Jouwe

Tanki – Ki-Jouwe

TaskOne – 420 Jouwe Lane