TAG Spotlight: Alien Argus and Waotoyz!

It’s time for another Toy Art Gallery product spotlight! First up we have the newest Alien Argus edition designed by Mark Nagata and produced by Toy Art Gallery. Inspired by poisonous Amazonian tree frogs, this Argus has it all with glow in the dark Japanese soft vinyl with fluorescent red, green and yellow spray and extra black and purple detailing! Unlike his namesake, he’s safe to touch (or lick). As a special bonus, we also have two BLANK editions of Argus at a special low price. Both GLOW and RED Arguses (Argi?) are ready to be customized, or, if you prefer, left blank to enjoy the sculpt. All are available now!

The next toy we wanted to share is the funky O.G. Kaiju Waodog from Waotoyz! Designed by Swiss creator Waotoyz and produced in Japan by Lulubell Toys, this crazy canine is available in TWO TAG exclusive colorways, “Mr. Gold” and “Mr. Pink Panther”. Each features awesome soft vinyl techniques (hyper lamé and clear pink!) and truly unique sculpting and paint applications. We love this doggy here at TAG and we hope you will too. Check them out here!

We also have a very limited amount of Bellicose Bunnies from our recent Nathan Hamill signing (check out the photos on our facebook!). All are signed and sketched, so don’t snooze if you’ve had your eye on one. Grab one here!

Thanks to the Sofubi Godfathers!

Congratulations to everyone who scored a piece from the show. The response to the preview list was overwhelming! Thanks to everyone who came out!


The SOFUBI GODFATHERS Preview is available now! Check out the preview page for ordering instructions and to see the work!


SOFUBI GODFATHERS opens this Friday at TAG!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present SOFUBI GODFATHERS, featuring Paul Kaiju, Mark Nagata, Blobpus, LASH, and Bob Conge/Plaseebo! Each of these artists are trailblazers in the Kaiju-influenced soft vinyl world, and we’re extremely excited to have their signature creations all together under one roof.

SOFUBI GODFATHERS features special one-of-a-kind hand-painted customs of LASH’s OLLIE and SLUDGE DEMON, Paul Kaiju’s SALAMANDER JOE and BOSS CARRION, Mark Nagata’s KAIJU EYEZON, Blobpus’ DOKUGON, and Bob Conge/Plaseebo’s various monster amalgamations, just to name a few.

These five are some of the most original and exciting artists in the Kaiju scene, so don’t miss out on seeing their work in person before it disappears!

SOFUBI GODFATHERS opens on Friday, July 8th from 7-11 PM with an opening reception, and runs until July 29th.

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Coming next Wednesday: Bronze Eyezon by Toy Art Gallery & Mark Nagata

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present our latest high quality bronze collaboration, the full-size Kaiju Eyezon created by Mark Nagata! For the first time, Kaiju is being forged into a sculpture using the classic material of bronze. The heft and permanence of bronze along with an extremely limited production brings a fine art collectibility to Nagata’s iconic creation.

The Bronze Kaiju Eyezon had been expertly forged in the United States by master craftsmen and stands 10 inches tall. This piece is strictly limited to 15 worldwide, with a special price of $1450 for the first five of the edition. Available next Wednesday, June 29th 2011, only at

Argus Show Customs Online NOW!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Alien Argus Custom Group Show last night! We had a blast catching up with old friends and meeting new faces. Thanks especially to Mark Nagata for making the trip down with his family and being as personable and generous as ever.

The show turned out amazingly well, with over 70 customs in house, our largest amount yet! We’ll have our photos up shortly, but for now you can check out some great coverage (with tons of pictures and video) over at Spankystokes and VinylPulse

We’ve also secretly launched our brand-new online store to coincide with the event, as some of you have already noticed. Be sure to check out the limited run handpainted Alien Argus (painted by Mark himself) as well as amazing array of customs from the show (at very reasonable prices):

Alien Argus Group Show Customs @ TAG Store

Thanks again to everyone who participated and came out, and we’ll do it again really soon!

Alien Argus Custom Group Show Sneak Peak and info!

On February 26th 2011, TAG, the world’s first and leading toy art gallery, will host Mark Nagata’s Alien Argus Custom Group Show! Alien Argus is the first collaboration between TAG and Max Toy Company and we’ve organized our biggest custom show to date to celebrate it’s release.

Alimana, Arbito, Art Denka, Baikin/Shirahama, Ben Mininberg, Bert Gatchalian, BlobPus, Bob Conge / PLASEEBO, Buff Monster, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez, Chauskoskis, Cieromuco/Abel Vasquez, Cliff Kirschner / MONSTREHERO, Cometdebris, Cris Rose, C-toys, Daniel Goffin, Dead Presidents, Dlux, DREAM ROCKET, Dr. Strange Toys, Dustin Cantrell, Emilio Garcia, Fig-lab / datadub, Goccodo, Hariken, Hints And Spices/Shane Haddy, Ilanena, Itokin-Park, Jan Calleja, Jeff McMillan, Jesse Moore/Rawshark Studios, Jon Knox, Kaiju Chronicle, Keith Fulmis, Kikkake, L’Amour Supreme, Lash, Leecifer, Mark Nagata, Matt Doughty / Onell Designs, Megan Smithyman, Mikie of Blamo Toys, Motorbot, Nakayoshi, Nebulon5, Onaka Takeshi, Osiris Orion, Paul Kaiju, Pico Pico, PPPudding, Rohby, RsinArt, Sean Blay / MONSTREHERO, Skinner, Skulltoys, Spooky Parade, Steve Talkowski, Sunguts, Tan-ki, Thiyea Project/ Takeshi Togo, Thiyea Project/ Mai Nagamoto, Toybot Studios, Triclops Studios, Troy Stith, TTToys, Tulip, Uamou, uhoh Toys, Velocitron, Yamazakura and Yamomark

Curated by Toy Art Gallery, Max Toy Company, and Fig-Lab.

The Alien Argus Custom Group Show opens on February 26th 2011 from 7-11 PM, with many artists in attendance. Show runs Feb. 26th – March 26th .