Metallic Machinations Preview: Phu

It’s all about quality, not quantity for Phu’s contributions to the Metallic Machinations show, with two huge full-size Ludvig custom busts with opening cockpits and large removable resin Rebel Pilots!

Metallic Machinations Preview: Cris Rose

A staple in Toy Art Gallery’s custom shows and permanent collection, Cris Rose proves once again why he’s one of the best customizers in the world with a diverse and beautiful collection of heavily modified vinyl toys and original resin creations!

Metallic Machinations Preview: DrilOne

DrilOne is bringing a wide variety of amazing work to Metallic Machinations, including custom vinyl toys, a huge rusted out At-At, and even a working R/C BB-shooting tank!

Metallic Machinations Preview: Jester

Huge scratchbuilt rockets by JESTER for the Metallic Machinations show! More pics on Jesters website:

Metallic Machinations opens Dec. 11!

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “Metallic Machinations”, running from December 11 2010 through January 11 2011 and featuring work from Cris Rose, Phu, DrilOne, Jester, and Rohby. These artists are known for their robotic, rusted, gritty aesthetic which is applied to a wide array of designer toys, action figures, original resin creations and more.

Come on out and enjoy some mechanical mayhem on Saturday, December 11 2010 from 7-11 pm. We’ll have music, a food truck, and many of the artists in attendance.

Stay tuned to the TAG Blog for previews!