Tan-Ki Show Set-up plus Preview is posted!

Tanguy Marion, aka Tan-Ki, made his way to Los Angeles from France this week in preparation for his show ““When Birds Sing The Song Of The Clouds”. Here he is unpacking the dozens of custom toys and paintings!

Tan-ki brought over 60 KiClears with him alone, with more on the way. He also painted a variety of vinyl and resin toys (rubber dinosaur, anyone?) with his signature graphic style and decorated the gallery walls and windows with his bird and cloud motif.

Debuting at the show are his new bronze KiToy and his huge 8″ KiClears!

Come on out to the opening this Friday Nov. 12th from 7-11PM to hang out with Tan-ki, get some drinks, eat some food from the Little Frenchie food truck and have an all-around good time.

Be sure to check out the SHOW PREVIEW and email us at 12 noon on Friday if there’s something that catches your eye.


More Tan-ki Sneak Peaks

Opens Nov. 12 at 7PM. More info on the show page!

Tan-ki’s “When Birds Sing the Song of the Clouds” Sneak Peak

Just a little Sneak Peak of our next show, Tan-ki’s “When Birds Sing the Song of the Clouds”, opening Nov. 12th. More info and pictures to come soon!