Mammoth Kong Oil Slick Color - Tomenosuke

Mammoth Kong Oil Slick Color - Tomenosuke

This Mammoth Kong "Oil Slick Color" is the 8th version overall and the 4th completely hand-colored version. Previous series have been sold out at specialty stores in Tokyo and Shanghai, as well as Tomenosuke's web store, and have been such hits that they sell out instantly.

This is debut work in America.

Mammoth Kong is the oldest Kaiju in the history of television, appearing in the original Japanese hero TV series “Gekko Kamen” (Moonlight Mask), which began airing in 1958.

Boys at the time were crazy about Gekko Kamen and horrified by the threat of Mammoth Kong.

Mammoth Kong, who was almost forgotten due to the popularity of Godzilla, was lovingly turned into a sofvi figure last year, marking the 65th anniversary of the birth of “Gekko Kamen”.

What is noteworthy is that when you remove Mammoth Kong’s head, you can see the face of the person who made the monster suit himself and played the role. That person’s name is Shinpei Takagi – san.

He was an unknown actor waiting for his turn in the big room at Toho Studio.

He also featured in Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai” (1954), “Throne of Blood “(1957), and “Yojimbo” (1961). Among these, the one which Takagi-san made the greatest impression was probably in “Seven Samurai”. He gave an impassioned performance as the head of a group of wandering samurai who attack a farming village. In the film’s climax, when he and the unconventional samurai Kikuchiyo, played by Toshiro Mifune, fight against each in a fierce scene is unforgettable. That was the one who was on a rampage in “Gekko Kamen”, between “Throne of Blood” and “Yojimbo”.

The product comes with a reduced-size reprint of the picture book "Mammoth Kong Volume" by "Gekko Kamen” published in 1959. and an acrylic sign "Gekko Kamen" that shows the scale of Mammoth Kong.

Prototype shown, final product may differ slightly from photos shown.

This is a pre-order, item is scheduled to ship end of 2024. 

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